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A platform where you can earn a cash reward every time you shop, linked to investments. Huge potencial, financed by your favourite brands.

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How does Tagpeak work?

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Go to one of our partner stores and make a purchase. We will track your transaction and receive a commission from the partner.

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After getting confirmation of your purchase, we invest the commission in the financial markets. The goal is to achieve a meaningful return and share it with you.

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Since day 1, your cash reward will be visible on your dashboard and you can redeem it whenever you want, directly to your bank account.

Here's how we achieve it...


We track your online purchase

We use referral links that tell the partner brand you're coming from Tagpeak. Cookies are essential to this! Tracking takes only a few minutes and it will quickly show on your dashboard. Purchase confirmation timelines vary, depending on the store.


We earn a commission and invest it

Once the purchase is confirmed, the partner store pays us a commission. Subsequently, we proceed to invest by strategically choosing companies that are publicly traded, aiming for significant short-term profit potential.


We share the earnings with you

You can monitor everything from your account dashboard. Investments typically last 4 to 6 months, but you have the flexibility to stop them at any point, even from day 1.

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Tagpeak is not your typical cashback website.


Unlike cashback platforms and credit cards that offer minimal amounts, Tagpeak represents a unique a opportunity to recover a significant amount of what you spent. This is made possible through strategic investments in the financial markets.


For you, it’s all to win and nothing to lose.


We believe our approach can be beneficial for you, for us and for brands. By investing in the financial markets, we can boost our profits and give you a reward potentially much better than most discounts out there.

Worst case scenario for you?

As with any investment, it does not go well every time and your reward may go to 0%. But remember you did not pay extra for the product or service you bought.

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Take your shopping a step further

Brands have many ways of rewarding customers and discounts are probably your favourite. You can see Tagpeak as a discount that may grow over time, as a result of the connection with the financial markets.


With the right investment strategy

We invest in companies across many industries, excluding the ones not aligned with our values or ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) requirements. Our decisions are based on meticulous analysis and statistical data to ensure the best possible results.

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Here is a quick summary of why:

  • Get up to 100% back on your online purchases
  • You can redeem your earnings whenever you want into your bank account
  • Using Tagpeak is totally free
  • You can get a great deal on your favourite products, even if they're not discounted
  • Track your rewards 24/7 from any device
  • No risk whatsoever, yet your potential earnings could be almost unlimited
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